The USF Medicinal Plant Garden

***This info page was originally created in Spring 2015***

The USF Botanical Gardens is home to a diverse collection of more than 3,000 plants, living creatures, and natural habitats. It consists of 16 acres of lush garden landscape and attracts thousands of visitors annually. More can be learned about the Botanical Gardens at its website:

Yet, this article is not placing the USF Botanical Gardens in the spotlight. Rather, it is the Medicinal Plant Garden that is of importance here.  It is a modestly sized garden located in the southern region of the Botanical Gardens and was created in 2010 by USF students and faculty. Further information about the foundation of the Medicinal Plant Garden can be read at the USF News Channel website:

Since 2012, our student club continues to cooperate in the customary task of routine upkeep for the plant garden.  This is been fulfilled primarily through volunteer service, where individuals perform simple duties like watering the plants or removing foreign elements from the garden beds. Though this year, our new student officers & I are keen on seeing more support for the plant garden from our club.

We recognize that the garden already has the capability to supplement any on-campus educational & research endeavors that are associated with scientific fields like phytochemistry or pharmacognosy. The Medicinal Plant Garden has a unique potential to be a focal point, in respect to students & staff of diverse academic disciplines, for interpersonal collaboration and a multipurpose collection of medicinal plants.

We welcome anyone that would be interested in being involved in the Medicinal Garden to contact us at our email,, for more further inquires.

The student club is also looking for a Project Manager to oversee the Medicinal Plant Garden. Some objectives of this position are:

♣ Provide the club with frequent updates of Medicinal Plant Garden, primarily its needs

♣ Facilitate brainstorming of new projects for the club

♣ Gather & Assist a small staff of volunteer gardeners

♣ Start a future intern program for medicinal research

♣ Seek collaboration with the academic staff, students engaged in research programs, and local professionals from the area of integrative/therapeutic/botanical medicine & pharmacognosy

Thank You.

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